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ARRIS; noun - the sharp edge between two planes or surfaces 

ÀRAS; (Irish) - meaning place

We provide a range of services to support the management of change to historically sensitive places, through understanding what makes a place special, whether listed or unlisted, applying specialist skills in research, analysis and management of the historic environment, including buildings, designed landscapes and places. Our approach is client-centred and each project, no matter how simple or complex, will be tailored to the client’s specific needs and budget. 

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Arris Heritage Consulting
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Arris is led by Delia Graham, who brings over 15 years of varied experience for a diverse range of clients, including NI’s Historic Environment Division, Historic England, the National Trust, various local authorities, private clients and charitable organisations, as well as a range of property professionals. Delia also has considerable expertise of designation processes, having been involved in statutory evaluation of historic places for ‘listing’ surveys in N. Ireland, England and their equivalent in ROI. She has also prepared heritage statements, conservation management plans and design and access statements to satisfy planning requirements. 


Delia is fully accredited by the Institute of Historic Buildings Conservation, and is also the organisation’s only professional membership assessor on the island of Ireland, providing clients with a high degree of confidence in her skills, knowledge and experience. 

Other memberships include:


Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB)

Historic Towns Forum (HTF)

Heritage Trust Network (HTN)

Irish Georgian Society (IGN)

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